The Effectiveness of Metal Roof for Your Home

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  • If you’re installing a new roof or renovating the existing one, it’s good to weigh your options. Wood shakes, asphalt shingles, concrete tile, composite tile, and metal roofs are all viable roofing materials. While each material brings its own characteristics to your house, metal roofing can be the best option. Metal roofs are known for their longevity, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance.Initially used for commercial projects, metal roofs are now popular for residential roofing across Denver, CO. Many locals are investing in residential metal roofing because of its numerous benefits. A metal roof offers many core advantages over other materials, and it is especially good at shedding snow and rain. Some of the reasons why you might want to invest in metal roofing include:
    • Durable, fireproof, and lightweight
    • Can go over existing shingles
    • Easy to install
    • Reflects heat
    • It can go on low-pitched roofs
    • It provides maximum shedding of snow and rain
    • Environmental friendly
    • It can stand tornadoes and hurricanes
    • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
    • Boosts your home value
    • Save money on insurance
    • Moss and fungus resistant
    • Easy to maintain

    One of the crucial details when installing a metal roof is the installation of metal roof snow guards. It would be best to consider the winter climate when your metal roof needs a metal roof retention system. Metal roofs are smooth and have no traction; thus, the slippery surface makes it more prone for snow and ice to slide off to the ground unexpectedly. This condition is an especially relevant issue for residents of Colorado, which experiences heavy snowfall in winter.

  • What are metal roof snow guards?

    Snow guards are snow retention devices installed on the metal roof to hold snow in place for it to melt gradually. They prevent the ice and snow from sliding off the metal roof, as they can damage the gutters and cause harm to people and property. Also called snow cleats, snow stops, snow breaks, or snowbirds, these devices cause the snow or ice that accumulates to come off slowly in a systematic way instead of as a roof avalanche.

    Metal roof snow stoppers protect the roof and everything around it from unexpected snow avalanches. They are attached to the sloped roof surface using adhesive, tape, and clamps, and some are mechanically attached using screws through the metal panels that grip the wood decking. The snow breaks prevent ice dams from forming as snow accumulates, since if the snow gets heavier, your metal roof could cave in. Installing metal roof snow bars will protect against falling snow or ice on people, flower beds, cars, and other things in the immediate vicinity.

    Metal roof guards are installed in groups to form a snow retention system. When it snows, snow accumulates on your rooftop when it snows and forms what is known as a snow load. Small amounts of snow are not a major concern, but when it melts and refreezes, it will create large sheets that threaten to slide off unexpectedly. When the snow melts and refreezes on your roof in the presence of snow retention systems, the snow guards will grip the large sheets of ice and snow movement, preventing them from coming off as a roof avalanche.

    Types of Metal Roof Snow Guards

    When you realize that snow retention is a crucial component of your metal roof, you will wonder what type of snow guard to use. Various types of metal roof snow guards are on the market today, and choosing them may not be easy. When purchasing a snow guard, you must consider the metal roof profile, roof pitch, snow load, and roof style. You will decide based on the type of roof panel you have and perhaps the look you want.

    Roof snow guards come in many sizes and shapes and are manufactured using various metals and plastics. Each snow retention system type has a distinct look that affects the roof’s overall appearance. While commercial buildings might choose larger and more noticeable retention systems to highlight their building’s safety precautions, homeowners would rather have something less noticeable that doesn’t distort their home’s curb appeal. It all depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.

    Bar Style Snow Guards

    These continuous horizontal metal bars span the roof’s entire length. They are easily installed and are the best snow guards for a standing seam roof. A bar-style snow guard is installed by attaching it to the seam of a standing seam metal roof or bolting it down instead. Some use non-penetrating roof clamps that keep them in place by fastening them to roof ribs. Others use fastened aluminum brackets to hold them to the standing seam.

    Fence-Style Snow Guards

    These are multiple horizontal tubes, often higher than a snow bar and more noticeable than bar or pad styles. These continuous snow guards act as reliable snow fence structures and are offered in brass and aluminum. Fence-style systems function as barricades that retain the accumulating snow for more extended periods. This way, the snow will melt under the sun more efficiently and run off as water rather than large clumps of snow and ice. Fence-style snow guards are more efficient in dealing with various amounts of snow load. They are usually installed using brackets, and one can add more rows if necessary.

    Pad-Style Snow Guards

    These small brakes are less noticeable, placed in multiple rows throughout the roof, and are less effective. Pad-style snow guards are evenly distributed and generally wider than tall to prevent them from toppling from one side to the other. They have a flat strap that helps to reduce lifting while the cap holds snow. Their primary function is to add friction to a frictionless surface and they are either attached using adhesive or mechanically fastened to the metal roof.

    Hire the Best Snow Guard Installer in Denver, CO

    Installing snow guards on your metal roof is the best way to prevent rooftop avalanches from occurring after a snowfall. It is essential for people living in a place like Denver, an area prone to heavy snowfall during the winter. If you are looking for a reliable snow guard installation company in Denver, then HotEdge is your best choice. Call us at (877) 220-5066, and we will provide you with professional advice on all metal roofing applications.



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