The Advantages of Synthetic Slate Roof

As a residential or commercial property owner, you may want to add visual appeal by opting for roofing materials that are more distinct. If this is what you want, synthetic slate roofing is an excellent option. Synthetic slate shingles will make your property look elegant and attractive. Besides providing you with a desired aesthetic taste, synthetic slate roofs are also highly durable and strong to withstand harsh weather events.

Synthetic slate shingles are commonly made from plastic and rubber, these products can either be virgin or recycled materials. They can also be made using other materials such as cellulose fibers, mineral dust, fiber cement, polymer, and clay.

Synthetic slate roofs are made to resemble real slate tiles. The difference is that natural slate roof tiles are mined and cut into desirable sizes and shapes to be used as roofing materials while synthetic slate roofs are manufactured. Advantages of a synthetic slate roof include:

Easy Transportation And Installation

Synthetic slate shingles are more lightweight than most other roofing materials. They can easily be transported from one area to your house or commercial property for installation. This means synthetic slate roofing installation is easier and your roofing contractor will not need to put up any special reinforcement for support. They can be installed even in a standard roof structure.

A utility knife can be used to cut synthetic slate shingles into desirable shapes and put into place using a pneumatic nail gun and standard roofing nails. This is completely different from authentic slate tiles installation where precision cutting and nailing are required to avoid cracking and chipping of heavy shingles.

They Are Durable

What most homeowners and commercial property managers or owners should consider when they think about roof installations is durability. Synthetic roof shingles will give you exactly what you need; longevity. Faux slate roofing can go for up to 50 or even more years after installations. They are even more durable than asphalt shingles which can go for up to 25 years.

Synthetic Slate Roofing Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Synthetic shingles made from slate materials can withstand harsh weather events such as hail, extremely high winds, storm damage, snow load, and tornadoes. Most synthetic slate roofing has received Class 4 impact resistance certification from Underwriters Laboratories. This is the highest certification for roofing products.

Fire Resistance Capabilities

While synthetic slate roof installation cannot stop fire accidents, however, the roofing can provide high fire resistance if a fire ember or spark lands on it and prevent a disaster. Synthetic slate shingles are very reliable fire-resistant roofing materials and most options have the highest fire rating which is Class A. This also means it doesn’t spread fire and is not readily flammable. However, it is important to check fire rating certifications because not all have the highest ratings.

They Are Cost Effective

Synthetic slate roofs cost less compared to natural slate tiles. Different aspects make synthetic slate shingles to be cost-effective. First, natural or actual slate tiles are mined in limited places making them more expensive. A synthetic slate roofing is cheaper because they’re manufactured using recycled plastic and rubber materials.

Second, synthetic slate shingles are lightweight which makes them easy to install and this makes labor and installation costs to be lower compared to natural slate tile roofing. Third, it is easy for natural slate tile roofing to get cracks and this leads to costly repairs; however, this is not the case with synthetic slate shingles which do not easily get cracks because of the materials used for their manufacturing.


Synthetic Slate Roofing Materials Improves Appearance

Synthetic slate roofing can come in different colors, textures, and styles. These types of roofs are the best option if you want to improve your property’s or home’s curb appeal. A synthetic slate roof will give your property an attractive appearance at a low installation cost.


Synthetic slate roofs are considered “green” building materials because they can easily be recycled. Even if your roofing was made using virgin materials, you can still recycle them when you will decide to have your roof replaced. Roofing companies or manufacturers can immediately break down your synthetic slate materials to make a new roof for you or someone else.

Resistance To Cracking

Unlike real slate tiles which are susceptible to cracks even by just walking on them, synthetic slate roofs are flexible and they’re able to resist cracking. You can comfortably walk on many types of synthetic slate roofing even though it’s important to first check with your roofing company or contractor for proper care.


As we had discussed earlier, synthetic slate roofing has an extremely long lifespan. Another good thing related to this issue is that they need very little maintenance. You’ll only have to inspect it after some years. Also, you will need to remove debris, stains, and algae after some years or months depending on the environment where you live.

Easier To Find Help

Installing real slate tile roofing is complicated and this makes it difficult in some areas to find roofing contractors that are willing to do the installation work. However, for synthetic slate roofing, you can easily find a qualified contractor to install this type of roofing with ease.

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