HotEdge Systems vs. Aluminum Metal Track Systems 101

We would include laying heat trace cable on a roof edge in a zig zag or serpentine pattern in this information, however, the zig zag concept is plagued with so many flaws and drawbacks, that it really
should not be included as a viable system option. Click here for more details

Three (3) issues make the aluminum metal track systems an inferior option when compared to HotEdge systems:

1. Design (stacking vs. separating heat trace cables). Click here for more details

2. Heat Transfer (indirect vs. direct heat transfer).  Click here for more details

3. UL Approval (approved vs. not approved for safety and compliance). Click here for more details

In summary, no matter what type of roof you have and no matter what the snow load is in your region if you do your homework and understand all the facts surrounding roof ice melt systems before making your purchasing decision, the best choice will be an obvious one.  PERIOD.