Roof Ice Melt System in Denver, CO

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Ice build-up is a big deal for people in Colorado during the winter season. But did you know that quite a bit of ice accumulation occurs due to the element of ice dams?

You might wonder, what are ice dams, and how do they matter?

Ice dams take place when warm air within the home warms the roof. When the warm air warms the roof, it will melt the snow on top of your roof.

While you may be pleased when the snow melts on top of your roof, it can bring about quite a bit of issues. For instance, the problem is that ice melts and then re-freezes at another point on your roof. It will typically melt at the edge of your roof, where the temperature will be at a decreased level.

This is an issue because it does not let the water flow away from your house. The problem is that it will add more weight to your roof and affect the structure if not contained.

You can find quite a few issues that range from stagnant water to leaks to other problems that can affect your property.

It would be best if you removed the ice from your roof as regularly as possible to minimize issues to your property. Remember that it is essential to be careful in this regard, as improper de-icing can create significant damage to your property. Here is what you need to know when it comes to a compelling solution.

What is Roof Ice Melt System?

With homes and driveways blanketed in sparkling snow, the hours after a snowfall make for a spectacular sight. But for some families and businesses, they can also spell disaster in the form of ice dams. 

When the heaps of snow on top of a roof do not melt and drain properly, the melted snow water can freeze at certain cold spots on the roof. Instead of turning back to fluffy bright snow, this water transforms into stone-cold formations of ice. These ice walls are known as ice dams that can cause significant damage to the roof with their weight, icicles, and standing water blockage.

Ice melt systems can deliver the ideal resolution to the problem if you are currently suffering from ice dams due to roof insulation or structure issues. To help you learn more about this solution, here’s a lowdown on roof ice melt systems, how they work, and why they remain important for your roof and property’s safety. 

What Does a Roof Ice Melt System Do?

As suggested by its name, a roof ice melt system targets ice dams and removes them from residential and commercial roofs. When these specially-developed devices are installed on your roof, they can melt ice dams by emanating heat. This is especially helpful for those homes and commercial roofs with cold spots on certain parts of the structure, especially their edges.

Ice melt systems are available in multiple forms, with two variations standing out due to their popularity. These include ice melt cables and ice melt edge panels.

Ice Melt Cables

Ice melt cables are heating cables or heat trace cables attached to your roof, especially around cold spots that cause the formation of ice dams. Once installed, you can use these cables to emanate heat whenever you see ice dams forming around them. It allows you to bid farewell to ice dams without manually breaking them away and risking damage to your roof.

Ice Melt Panels

Ice melt panels also use heating cables. But they go a step beyond and use them with special thermal plates to cover a wider area for thermal induction. It requires targeted use of heating cables but delivers broader results in terms of emanated warmth. These panels are most popularly installed at the edge of the roof. But they can also be used on other sections of the structure. 

In both instances, the ice melt system works as a semi-automated solution. It means that the system doesn’t require you to get up on your roof each time you remove an ice dam. Instead, your ideal results are delivered at literally the push of a button connected to the system.  

Why is the System Important for Ice Dam Removal in Denver, Co?

Ice dams are typically formed due to insulation or structural issues on a roof. In many cases, they can also stem from extremely cold temperatures. However, this is not the only reason why they might make an appearance on your roof. It means that ice dams can occur on practically any roof.

If you try to remove ice dams manually through the use of ice picks or hammers, the impact of physically breaking them away can cause damage to your roof. At the same item, the effort often returns subpar results. The problem may very well replace the next snowfall and cause you to repeat the manual labor all over again. 

If you call for professional ice dam removal contractors, the services can cost you a pretty penny. Many of these experts might use industrial heating equipment to remove ice dams. But once again, the approach does not provide you with a permanent solution. 

On the other hand, installing an ice melt system on your roof gives you a permanent fix to the ice dam problem. Instead of gathering your strength for manual efforts or emptying your wallet for experts’ visits, you can turn on your ice melt system and watch the ice dams melt away.  

If you require help with this system, reach out to us at Hotedge today.

What Type of Roof Ice Melt System is the Most Effective?

Premium ice melt solutions come with self-regulated heating cables, ensuring that they are effective yet energy efficient. This temperature control quality also helps you ensure that your roof is not exposed to extremely high temperatures when it does not need them in the first place. 

Standalone heat trace cables are often installed in a zigzag formation to enhance their efficacy. However, they might still leave a few cold spots behind. Limited materials make them a comparatively cost-effective installation that comes with slightly compromised performance. But when installed by an expert, they can still deliver the desired results. 

In comparison, ice melt edge panel systems deliver more comprehensive coverage on a variety of roof structures. They also provide better heat induction but still have the feature of self-regulated heating cables powering their solutions. Depending upon your roofing structure, they might cost a bit higher than heating cables alone. But they can be more energy-efficient and cost-saving in the long run.

By reaching out to a reliable ice melt system provider like HotEdge, you can find a solution that meets your needs for your budget, performance, roof structure, and long-term benefits. 

Find Your Ideal Ice Melt System Today

At HotEdge , our solutions deliver high-quality ice melt solutions that can fit your residential and commercial roofing needs without any issues. Through our long-lasting ice melt systems, you can say goodbye to your ice dam problems in an easy, simple, and cost-effective way. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today to see how our ice melt solutions can work. We will be glad to understand your requirements and offer the ideal system for your needs right away. 


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