The HotShingleLOK™ Roof Ice Prevention System is engineered to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming on the roof edge on most asphalt shingle roofs. This revolutionary NEW patent-pending system is composed of the the HotSheet panel, the UL Listed HotEdge rail and a 12-watt commercial-grade self-regulating heat cable. HotShingle is designed for fast and easy installation on new or existing asphalt roofs.


AFFORDABLE: Low-cost metal edge ice melt system specifically for all shingle roof structures.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: SAVES at least 30% on energy costs over all other market alternatives.

SIMPLE & FAST INSTALLATION: Easily installs on all existing shingle roofs.

NO ROOF PENETRATION: The integrity of your roof structure is maintained.

NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Saves time and money on installation by eliminating the need to modify existing roof shingles and potential roof damage.

MULTIPLE COLOR SELECTION: Aesthetically blends in with the roof architecture.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Heat cables are easily accessible for replacement at the end of their service life.

RELIABLE: Heat cable is protected from UV light and sliding or shifting snow/ice to ensure longevity. Industry-leading 10-year limited warranty covers heat cable failures and manufacturing defects.Low-cost metal edge ice prevention system specifi cally for asphalt roof structures.


MATERIAL SELECTION: .021” copper or galvanized steel (24 gauge) or .032” aluminum

COLOR: Available in 15 stock colors using Kynar 500 paint system on galvanized steel, aluminum or natural copper

DIMENSIONS: 5’ and 10’ lengths with optional mounting slots and fasteners included

HEATING SYSTEM: Commercial-grade 12-watt/ft UL Listed self-regulating heat cable

COMPONENTS: HotShingleMAX, heat cable and commercial-grade adhesive

ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: 120VAC or 208-277VAC. NEC Article 426.28 requires 30mA ground fault circuit protection for roof ice melting systems


HotShingleLOK Design Guide and Data Sheet 2015