The HotShingle™ Roof Ice Prevention System is engineered to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming on the roof edge on most asphalt shingle roofs. This revolutionary NEW  patent-pending system is composed of the the HotSheet panel, the UL Listed HotEdge rail and a 12-watt commercial-grade self-regulating heat cable. HotShingle is designed for fast and easy installation on new or existing asphalt roofs.

The HotSheet panel fastens to the fascia and is positioned over the existing asphalt shingles on a roof to create a metal drip edge necessary for installation of the UL Listed HotEdge rail. The rail provides a containment system for the heat cable, allowing direct transfer of warmth to the metal drip edge to prevent refreezing of snowmelt and the formation of icicles and ice dams along the perimeter of the roof. No cutting, modifi cation, shingle removal, or penetration of the roof deck is required for installation.


  • AFFORDABLE. Low-cost metal edge ice prevention system specifi cally for asphalt roof structures.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. Requires at least 50% less energy than traditional methods, such as zig-zag cable or serpentine heat tape.
  • SIMPLE & FAST INSTALLATION. Easily fi ts over existing asphalt shingles.
  • NO ROOF PENETRATION. Utilizes a non-penetrating clamp to maintain the integrity of the roof deck structure.
  • NO SHINGLE CUTTING OR REMOVAL. Saves time and money on installation by eliminating both the need to modify existing roof shingles and potential roof damage.
  • MULTIPLE COLOR SELECTION. Aesthetically blends in with the roof architecture.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE. Heat cables are easily accessible for replacement at the end of their service life.
  • RELIABLE. Heat cable is protected from UV light and sliding or shifting snow/ice to ensure longevity. Industry-leading 10-year limited warranty covers heat cable failures and manufacturing defects.


    26 gauge (.019″) galvanized 50,000 psi steel or .021″ copper. Available in .032″ or .027″ aluminum upon request.
  • COLOR.
    Available in 12 stock colors using a 20-year Siliconized Modifi ed Polyester (SMP) Paint System on painted galvanized steel, or in natural copper.
    Commercial-grade 12-watt self-regulating heat cable, UL Listed for roof and gutter deicing.
    HotSheet retrofi t panel, HotEdge rail (UL Listed), transition panel and heat cable.
    Available in 5′ and 10′ lengths with optional mounting slots and fasteners included.
    120VAC, or 208-277VAC. NEC Article 426.28 requires 30mA ground fault circuit protection for roof ice prevention systems.
    HotShingle provides a metal drip edge for the installation of the HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention System. The HotEdge rail system is UL Listed (UL Certifi cation Number: E336195).

Other Product Information

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