HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention!

shingled roof hotedge

HotTileLOK easily retrofits to existing concrete tiles as shown in this photo.

ice melt on shingled roof

This is a photo of HotTileLOK performing. No modifications were required making it a simple retrofit installation. Because of the patented design, a single run of commercial grade heat cable is used to keep energy costs at a minimum.

The only UL Approved roof edge ice melt system (HotEdge Rail) is installed here on this metal standing seam metal roof. Because all HotEdge systems rely on direct heat transfer, we are able to achieve this level of performance relying on a single heat trace cable. No modifications were required.

Recent image of our HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention in action!

As shown in this photo, HotSeam was installed to prevent 100% of the snow/ice problems that would historically develop on this problematic roof edge. HotSeam is simple to install on existing standing seams and the heat trace cable is simple to inspect, maintain, and replace. With HotSeam, melt back is not limited.

This location is a very high snow-load region of the Rocky Mountains. Historically, snow-pack/ice would build behind the dormer and significant damage would result during freeze and thaw cycles to the back side of the dormer. To prevent repeat performances, the HotSeam system was installed. As seen in this photo, it is possible to eliminate 100% of snow/ice build-up in problematic regions on any roof structure.

Not sure if a roof ice melt system for a standing seam metal roof could ever be as practical and simple as shown in this photo. Here, the UL approved HotEdge Rail system is mounted just beneath the existing metal drip edge. No modifications were required. Able to provide this level of melt back utilizing a single heat trace cable!

This photo shows HotShinglePRO3X performing. Please know, for a more finished or custom look, HotEdge manufactures a HotCap that is installed on corners to conceal commercial grade self-regulating heating cable as it transitions from 1X to 2X, etc. Heat cable can be seen in this photo because customer did not have a need to conceal heating cable between transitions.

UL Listed HotShingleLOK can be seen here in this photo preforming in a high snow load region. A single run of commercial grade self-regulating heating cable is able to achieve this level of melt back to do a patented raceway design housing the heating cable.

Crew installing HotShinglePRO on this hotel property in a high snow load region. HotShinglePRO and all HotEdge systems are UL Listed for safety and compliance. The chief reason HotEdge systems are able to achieve a UL verification is because our designs allow for inspection, maintenance, and replacement of the commercial grade self-regulating heating cable.

Copper HotShinglePRO is being installed on this mountain home. Because copper is a softer metal than steel and aluminum versions of the same product, you can notice a small level of “oil canning”. Although this will not impact system performance towards eliminating ice dam and icicle development, it is a characteristic of the copper appearance which we need to disclose.

HotShingleLOK2X is shown in this photo performing. Although it appears that a small ice dam has developed, if examine closely, a pathway for snow melt water exists between the ice and asphalt shingle for snow melt water to safely reach the gutter system. It should also be understood that HotEdge systems are able to melt further up from a roof edge than any other market alternative available. So if the belief is that ice can develop above a HotEdge system (since this photo shows it), then the same is true to a greater extent (since HotEdge systems are able to melt back further) for all other market alternatives.

In this photo, HotFlashing and HotShinglePRO are shown performing on a commercial property. It was important that a system be UL Listed for safety and compliance.