As you can see on this iconic commercial property at 11,200 foot elevation where average annual snowfall averages 310 inches, the HotSeam was installed behind a small dormer. This area was very problematic with ice build-up. In the spring, massive ice build-up would shift causing damage on back side of the dormer(see inset). Now, with HotSeam in place, is it possible to completely eliminate destructive ice build-up. HotValley was used to allow snowmelt to run around the dormer to the roof edge!

The customer needed to prevent ice build-up against in the area where a wall joins the roof. To achieve this result, HotFlashing was used. Attached using a 15 year adhesive, hence, no roof penetrations required. HotFlashing utilizes a single run of heat cable to prevent all ice build-up in this problematic region of a roof structure. Very simple, effective and energy efficient

Many customers are interested in a melt line that would exceed what the HotEdge Rail is able to accomplish from the drip edge. On this project, HotSeam is able to create a melt line 4+ feet up from the drip edge on this standing seam metal roof. Hot Seam is attached to the standing seam using clamps to press heat tape firmly against the metal panel resulting in heat transfer that extends from seam to seam. It is possible to keep an entire problematic area on a standing seam metal roof structure free of snowpack and ice with the HotSeam product.

roof ice dams

Before photo: Ice dams and very large icicles always developed on this problematic area on a metal roof at 11,000 feet elevation. Icicles so large they would break off and fall back and break restaurant windows.
After photo: All ice dams and icicles have been eliminated as a result of a HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention System. It is easy to see how HotEdge and HotSeam can work together to eliminate problems.