Ice Dam Problems and The Damages They Can Cause

Do Ice Dams Always Cause Damage?

2016 Water Damage from Untreated Ice Dams. These are a good reminder to get your ice issues resolved before next winter and avoid further damage.

Pictures of Ice Dams

  • Here you can see an ice dam at the end of a roof valley which is a problematic area on any roof structure.
  • The problem with ice dams anywhere on a roof structure is they act as a dam holds a pool of snowmelt behind it.
  • That pooled water follows the path of least resistance which is typically under the asphalt shingles, etc. and shows up as a leak inside the structure.
  • It only takes the right combination of freeze/thaw cycles to create a serious ice dam problem.
  • There is not a lot of snowpack on this roof. The ice dam problem is large enough that it will pool snowmelt behind it and that pooled water WILL follow the path of least resistance and leak into the structure causing mold, structural rot, mildew, etc.
ice dams

The residents initially thought these huge ice dams were beautiful. Until they found out there were several leaks in their house because of it.

  • This photo shows a classic ice dam formation.
  • Pooled snowmelt behind this ice dam will eventually leak into the structure and might not be detected for years.
  • Once the leak is detected, mold (sometimes toxic mold), mildew, structural rot will be the result and all the associated repair costs.
  • The roof will need to be replaced sooner than if an effective roof ice dam prevention system had been installed, i.e. the HotEdge Rail.
  • Clearly, this photo shows how ice dams, ice balls, and icicles can develop using zig-zag heat tape on a roof edge.
  • The owner is paying energy bills that are up to 70% more than they need to be and they have to look at heat tape on their roof year-round.
  • In short, the revolutionary HotEdge Rail represents a more effective, lower-cost solution.