Aspen House Before & After

This condominium complex had a major liability exposure with icicles hanging above public areas and ice dams. “We needed a roof ice melt system that was effective and cost effective.” “Nothing came even close to meeting our criteria until we found the HotEdge system.” As you can see in the AFTER photo, there is zero snow/ice accumulations on the roof edge, hence, liabilities surrounding roof ice problems have been eliminated with the HotShingle panels on this asphalt shingle roof.

Before photo: Ice Dam and Icicles  at 11,000 foot elevation were extremely large and were a safety risk and property damage resulted (see Design Spaces television segment).
After photo: The results of the HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System at this extreme winter location have been dramatic. Icicles have been minimized and ice dams do not exist, hence, safety risks are reduced and property risks have been prevented.Before photo: Ice dams and very large icicles always developed on this problematic area on a metal roof at 11,000 feet elevation. Icicles so large they would break off and fall back and break restaurant windows.
After photo: All ice dams and icicles have been eliminated as a result of a HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention System. It is easy to see how HotEdge and HotSeam can work together to eliminate problems.

Before and After Zig Zag Cables vs HotEdge System!

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