[Denver, CO] – A leading innovator in the design and manufacture of roof ice melt systems has formally introduced its new ownership, as HotEdge LLC, announces the five year-old company’s acquisition by Andrew Elson, who will manage strategy and day-to-day operations.  As both an entrepreneur and practicing attorney in Colorado, Elson said he sees the company’s unique technology as a means for commercial and residential owners alike to reduce liability and minimize the risk of personal injury and property damage due to snow and ice related issues.


“Buildings in high snow load areas frequently experience water pooling and ice formation during freeze-thaw cycles, which can cause mold, mildew and rot, significantly shortening the life of a roof,” Elson explained.  “In some cases, the continuous build-up has produced large ice dams, which carry tremendous potential for injury or damage.”  The patented HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System solves the problem with UL-approved 12W self-regulating cable incorporated into a specially-engineered, low-profile metal raceway.  Designed to easily install along the existing roof edges and valleys, the system maximizes heat transference to prevent snowmelt from refreezing before it drains to ground level.


“I was first drawn to this technology by the breadth and significance of the damage caused by snow and ice,” Elson continued.  “Water damage from freezing is one of the most prevalent insurance claims made by homeowners and commercial building owners each year, and I found this cost-effective and elegant solution that can be retrofitted to just about any roof type to be very appealing.”


Elson has focused his initial attention primarily on manufacturing and streamlining the order processing by successfully decreasing the time from order to shipping on standard projects to under 10 days, helping installers respond to increasing demand for the company’s family of products which include: HotShingleLOK™, HotEdge Rail™, HotValley™ and HotFlashing™.


New Markets

Expanding the company’s commercial footprint is also an integral part of the company’s growth strategy.  “While residential remains a key part of our business, we believe there are significant advantages to commercial building owners with similar issues,” Elson observed.  “Over the last nine months, HotEdge products have been installed on hotels and resorts, post offices, military bases, condominium complexes, churches, malls and high-rise buildings across the country and Canada.  Last winter, the owner of a 25-story structure approached us after a large chunk of ice detached from an overhang and totaled an SUV.”


As the only roof ice prevention system with UL certification, HotEdge holds a significant advantage over its competitors, particularly in commercial buildings, high-density residential structures and industrial applications.  “During the last year, we have been involved in numerous conversations with large commercial property owners and owners of multiple dwelling units (MDUs), due to the significant damage and high level of insurance claims resulting from their roof ice issues,” Elson said.  “Most are experienced with zig-zag heat cable as a potential solution, but many of them have had concerns over the harsh Winter.  They understand the limitations and much higher energy costs associated with that approach.”


Bronson Rumsey will oversee product marketing and sales in the Western U.S, assuring the same high service standards HotEdge customers have enjoyed throughout the years.  Longtime HotEdge employee Eric Richards is now an authorized HotEdge Distributor responsible for sales in the Northeast, while Mike Riley leads the manufacturing and fulfillment team out of Colorado.


After more than 20 years with business transactions and intellectual property law, Elson is well equipped to lead the company into the future.  He brings significant experience with technology companies, including internet-based business solutions to help find and develop innovative techniques that drive greater operational efficiencies and enhance customer service.


“For the time being, we will continue to focus on applications in the U.S. and Canada,” Elson concluded.  “But we have seen significant interest from several European countries, and we’re exploring the various options for expanding into those areas.”  HotEdge products are currently available through independent distributors and dealers.


HotEdge LLC engineers and manufactures the patented roof ice melt systems for residential and commercial properties.  In high snow load regions, this rapidly expanding firm’s attractive, energy-saving designs are quickly becoming a top choice of architects, design-build firms, engineers, roofing contractors, electricians and installers.  The company’s products are guaranteed to withstand the harshest weather conditions for 10 years from the date of purchase when properly installed by a licensed contractor.  For more information, visit


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