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Don’t DIY Your Roof Repair

While it can be fun and/or economical to take on DIY projects around the house, roof repair as a result of ice build-up is a task that you should leave to the professionals!

We have compiled some examples of DIY roof repair gone wrong that should convince you from trying to fix your roof yourself.  People will use just about anything to try and fix their roof:

If you run out of a color of shingles, please don’t try to mix and match:

If an umbrella is on the roof, it should belong to Mary Poppins:

Lawn mowers should stay in the shed, don’t you think?

The wheels on the…roof go round and round? We don’t think so:

Packing tape, a funnel and cheap piping = a disaster.

Save your tin cans for the recycling center, please!

If all of those roof repair fails weren’t enough to change your mind about trying to repair your own roof, this video of several events edited together just might!

The bottom line is, roof repair and installation is one of the most dangerous projects around your house. To protect you, your loved ones, and your home, it’s best to call in the professionals who are trained in the proper safety protocols.

One of the things that can cause the most damage to your roof is the build-up of snow and ice leaving you with roof ice problems. Here at HotEdge, we are the industry leader in roof ice melt prevention systems that keep destructive icicles and roof ice dams from forming.  HotEdge systems are energy efficient, effective, and won’t break your budget. It is a HotEdge promise we’ll leave your roof much better than any of those you saw above.

When it’s time to add a low-cost, high-performance roof ice melt system to your home, we invite you to call us at HotEdge today at 800-411-3296, or click here to receive your customized quote.


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