Maintaining HotEdge Systems

If you own a HotEdge Roof System, you are a savvy consumer who cares about taking care of your home and your loved ones. Our HotEdge Roof Systems are a cost-effective way for you to get the longest life from your roof decking material.

Our simple design is the most energy-efficient roof melt system on the market, and it’s easy to maintain! Let us tell you why:

Unlike other costly, energy-sucking roof melt systems that can use multiple heating cables and a lot of hassle, HotEdge Roof Systems use a single 12W self-regulating heat cable. This cable comes with a 10-year half life warranty.

The heat tape that comes with HotEdge Roof Systems will eventually need to be replaced. Thinking of customer convenience, we’ve intentionally designed the HotEdge Roof Melt System for easy heat tape replacement!

First, you’ll loosen the self tapping screws in the slots holding the HotEdge Shingle or Rail to the fascia. Next, you’ll access the heat tape or cable, remove and replace. It’s really that easy.

Here at HotEdge, we’re proud that our roof melt systems boast the lowest amount of customer maintenance. Other complicated ice prevention systems can be installed buried beneath your roofing material, making them nearly impossible for consumers to maintain themselves. We want our customers to be able to enjoy our high-performance, low-maintenance roof melt system.

See why HotEdge is the first and only company manufacturing roof edge ice melt system to be awarded the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certificate of approval for safety and compliance. Rest assured that we’ll take care of your roof. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the savings.

If it’s time to start taking better care of your roof, we invite you to HotEdge today at 800-411-3296, or follow this link to receive your customized quote today!


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