We offer the only UL certified ice dam solution that effectively prevents ice dams. Through our easy to install and simple to operate panels, you can get rid of ice dams without any complicated procedures. When ice dams form, it can be pretty difficult to remove them. Since they are essentially frozen ice, it is not easy to shovel them off of the roof.

With one of the highest levels of snowfall in the U.S., Wyoming stands front and center within the country’s coldest regions. This also exposes the homes in Wyoming to ice dams. If you live in Wyoming, then it’s essential to have ice dam solutions in place to permanently prevent these ice dam formations. Otherwise, you risk footing the bill for a wide variety of roof damage problems. 

What are Ice Dams?

Whether you have recently moved to Wyoming or if you are planning to winter-proof your home, getting ice dam prevention solutions should be at the top of your list.

In colder areas such as Wyoming, melted snow water that should go down the gutter can become frozen at cold spots of a roof. Gradually, this water turns into solid ice and creates ice dams at the edge of the roof. 

Over time, these ice dams not only put excessive weight on your roof but also stop additional snow water from flowing through the gutter. As a result, your roof can become prone to excessive damage, and face issues such as leakage and sinkage. In order to stay away from these problems, you need our effective solution for ice dam prevention in Wyoming.  

Why Do You Need to Prevent Ice Dams?

Even when you call professional roof repair solutions, these formations can reappear within a few weeks. This causes you to repeatedly pay for the same service without a permanent solution.

On the other hand, installing specialized ice melt panels on your roof can prevent these ice dams permanently. At HotEdge, our UL certified solutions can fit a variety of existing roof materials without any intensive installation requirements. 

With 770 percent less heat trace cable use as compared to standard solutions, our ice melt panels can pull off this feat without weighing down your bank account. This way, you benefit from effective ice dam prevention in Wyoming in a pocket-friendly way.  

Available in a variety of sizes, HotEdge ice melt solutions can be the perfect fit for your existing or new roof installation. See how our solution can help your home stay safe.  Contact us for a free quote today