Ice Dam Prevention in New Hampshire

Through our UL certified and BBB accredited ice dam prevention solution, we can help you with ice dam prevention in New Hampshire. Designed to fit the edges of a wide variety of roof types, our ice melt solution can fit any existing or new roof with ease. Winters in New Hampshire are known for being cold and snowy. This weather can be especially difficult for your home, and often leads to the formation of ice dams. 

Purpose-built for ice dam prevention, our ice melt solutions can help you steer clear of any problems. Instead of having to break these ice dams manually which can potentially make matters worse, you can turn to our ice melt panels to melt these formations effectively. 

How Can You Prevent Ice Dams From Forming?

When you live in an area as cold as New Hampshire, it is usual to see ice dams. When melted snow water gets stuck over cold spots, it slowly turns into these rock-solid ice walls. If not treated right away, these ice dams make their home at the edge. 

From there, it becomes easy for ice dams to weigh down your roof. They also stop the flow of melted ice water to the gutter. This makes a way for extensive roof damage to appear over time. 

What Kind of Problems Do Ice Dams Cause?

Despite being a usual occurrence, these ice dams are tough to break and difficult to remove. This is why, not having any ice dam prevention in New Hampshire can cause a variety of issues for your home. 

These problems that stem out from ice dams include but are not limited to: 

  • Icicle Formation. 
  • Roof Sinkage. 
  • Roof Leakage. 
  • Material Erosion. 
  • Broken Gutters. 

How Can We Help?

With their structure, our ice dam panels can fit at the edge of any tiled, shingled, or flat roof. Through the ability to heat up and melt even the toughest of ice dams, our solutions can keep your roof safe in a quick and painless manner.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for ice dam prevention in New Hampshire. We will be glad to understand your needs and provide you with a free quote that caters to your specific requirements.