Ice Dam Solutions in Oregon

If you are looking for ice dam prevention in Oregon, look no further. HotEdge is the only UL & BBB accredited ice prevention system. Ice dams form when heat from your home escapes through your roof, causing the snow to melt and re-freeze as ice dams on the cold eaves which can cost homeowners thousands of dollars each year in repairs. Ice dams block proper drainage and means that there is no place for the water to go, other than backing up into your shingles. From shingle and wall repair to floor and paint damage, ice dams are a nightmare in Oregon.

Our patented ice dam system melts more surface area using less heating cables than all other options on the market. Not only does this make our systems more effective and efficient for preventing ice dams in Oregon, but it also ensures your electrical costs are 30% lower to operate, saving you money each year.

Prevent Ice Dams in Oregon

We offer a preventative system that stops ice dams from forming on your roof altogether. Our patented designs prevent snow water from refreezing on your roof so ice dams aren’t created. Unlike other companies offering you steam machine services and a quick fix solution, we give you a permanent solution to all of your ice dam problems. No longer do you have to worry about roof leaks or wall damage.

Our ice melt systems melt more surface area using less heating cables than others on the market. This means that not only are our systems more effective at their job, but they are also able to save you 30% of your electrical costs.

We are the leader in manufacturing accredited roof ice melt systems in Oregon and know exactly how to deal with the problem before it develops. Whether you have an asphalt, metal, or synthetic slate roof, our professionals are always available to find the right system for your home.