Ice Dam Prevention in Colorado

If you live in Colorado, you know just how diverse the weather can be due to geography, the mountains, and high elevation. HotEdge is the only UL & BBB accredited ice prevention system and we roof ice dam solutions in Colorado. Ice dams are formed when heat from your home escapes through your roof, causing snow to melt and re-freeze as ice dams on the cold eaves and cost homeowners thousands of dollars each year in repairs. This ice blocks proper drainage and means that there is no place for the water to go, other than backing up into your shingles. From shingle and wall repair to floor and paint damage, ice dams are a nightmare in Colorado. Our ice melting systems don’t wait for leaks or broken gutters to happen. Instead, they prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.

So, our question to you as a homeowner is; how do you prepare for the colder months of the year? Is your house secure when it comes to snow and ice? With the extreme temperatures, you may have experienced ice dams. These are the blocks of ice that are causing havoc with your roof. You may have had leaks, broken gutters, and even dangerous icicles. Home and roof repairs from ice dams can be very costly. If you don’t tackle the problem with ice dams now, they’ll return every year.

We offer a variety of roof ice melt systems for Colorado. This includes solutions for:

HotEdge has the first and only roof edge panel system that has passed UL Standards. This means that our roof ice melt systems for Colorado are effective for winter conditions and they are proven to work at up to 11,3000 ft elevation. They heat up the edges of the roof to stop water freezing into ice dams. With 770 percent less heat trace cable, you don’t have to worry about your bills either. This offers significant energy savings. Would you like to find out how much HotEdge ice melting systems in Colorado will cost? We’ll send you a free quote.