Ice Dam Solutions in Canada

People love living in Canada because it enjoys all four seasons during the year. But one thing’s for sure; homeowners know how difficult winter can be. The freezing temperatures and snowfall can start in November and last through to late March, causing havoc for your home. In particular, the below zero temperatures in the Great White North can mean that ice dams start to develop on your roof. We all know that this isn’t good.

If you’ve had ice dams before, you’ll know the damage they can do. They can break your roof tiles, cause leaks into your home and damage your guttering too. The worst part is that it can happen every year, no matter what products or removal companies you use. Trying to prevent ice dams can be expensive and a nuisance. They just keep coming back.

But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can use roof ice melt systems in Canada. With HotEdge, you can permanently prevent ice dams every winter in Canada. We have the first and only roof edge panel system to pass UL Standards. We’re not like other companies out there. We stop ice dams before they’ve even started. You no longer have to worry about problems every year. We cater to all roof types too, offering solutions for new and existing:

Our revolutionary and patented design at HotEdge means that you can heat more roof surface with less heat trace cable. In fact, we’re talking about 70 percent less heat trace cable. Not only can this benefit the environment, it also means you can enjoy significant savings on your energy bills. Our slogan is true; melt more with less.

In addition, this ice melting system is designed to be effective in the harshest conditions. It can prevent roof ice dams at up to 11,300 ft elevation in Canada. Just leave your ice melting system running during winter and you can forget that ice dams every existed. HotEdge systems do all the hard work for you so that you can get on with your daily routine without the worry.

Would you like to enjoy ice melting systems in Canada? You can contact us today to find out more. Our fantastic customer service can answer any of your questions. We offer a free quote so that you can know how much your new system is going to cost you.