Commercial Ice Dam Removal

Whether you have a small store or a multi-story office building, snowstorms and hailstorms can bring a plethora of issues to your commercial roofing structure. 

While shoveling snow off of your roof may seem like a tedious task, it’s often the least of your worries. The real problem comes in the form of ice dams, which are huge blocks of ice that form at the edge of your roof. 

At HotEdge, we understand the problems that come from the formation of ice dams. We have personally seen the damage that these ice dams can do to commercial buildings with over seven years of experience in delivering roofing solutions. This is why we offer purpose-built solutions for effective commercial ice dam removal and prevention. 

Since ice dams make their presence known at the edge of commercial roofs (which is how they get their name), they obstruct snow water that’s trying to flow down the drain. This standing water then causes an array of problems, including but not limited to leaking roofs and cracked roofs. But despite their frequent occurrence in wintery areas, ice dams remain hard to prevent and difficult to remove. 

But that’s not all. Ice dams also contribute to the formation of icicles, which pose a safety hazard and liability risk. This is especially true for high rise buildings, from where icicles can easily fall on top of cars or passerbys below.

Since shoveling actual ice walls is not possible without proper equipment, you need to get professional help to remove ice dams and icicles from your commercial roof. However, even when roofing professionals remove these ice formations through special equipment, the issue can easily crop up at the next snowfall.

But leaving ice dams on their own is not an advisable approach either. When left untreated, ice dams keep contributing to gradual damage to your roofing structure, which eventually leaves you with sky-high repair and restoration costs. Whereas, icicles keep hanging over your building as a looming threat to your patrons as well as passing pedestrians alike. This causes unimaginable stress if you own or even rent a commercial building space.

Fortunately, HotEdge’s solutions ensure that commercial ice dam removal and prevention does not require you to break the bank. With the use of our purpose-built equipment, you can easily steer clear of these ice walls and icicles. 

Permanently Remove Ice Dams From Your Commercial Building Roof

At HotEdge, we offer roof edge panel solutions that seamlessly become a part of your existing roofing structure. With its self-heating functionality, our HotEdge ice melt system can prevent and remove ice dams and icicles quickly and painlessly. 

HotEdge ice melt systems are designed with optimal functionality and cost optimization in mind. This is why they are made from sturdy yet affordable material that successfully melts difficult ice dams and icicles even in freezing temperatures. 

Our solutions specifically target roof cold spots to prevent them from freezing melted snow water. Since cold spots are one of the largest reasons behind ice dam formation, this ensures a failsafe way to keep these ice formations away from your commercial building.

HotEdge ice melt panels provide you with a permanent solution to prevent ice dams and icicles from your roof due to this compelling design. This way, you don’t have to call for roofing professionals again and again to remove these unwanted ice formations. Once installed, your HotEdge system ensures that these problems become a thing of the past. 

In a nutshell, our HotEdge roof edge panels are built to deliver the utmost functionality in an affordable way, which makes them a sought after solution for commercial property renters and owners alike.

HotEdge Systems On Von Maur Building

How HotEdge Commercial Ice Dam Prevention Systems Work

Our HotEdge ice melt panels easily integrate into the edges of sloped commercial roofs to prevent and remove ice dams. 

In case you have a completely flat roof, you can benefit from HotEdge commercial roofing installation through our purpose-built and made-to-order solutions. 

Unlike standard roofing attachments that leave much to be desired for flat roofs, our team at HotEdge ensures that your roof receives the exact solutions that you need for commercial ice dam removal and prevention. 

By installing HotEdge ice melt panels to the wall cap or roof edge of your commercial building, you can resolve the problem of cold spots that remain the main reason behind ice dams and icicles. 

HotEdge permanently prevents the formation of ice dams and icicles on your commercial roof by providing heat from within its ice melt panels. With targeted installation and strategic design, our system works for roofs and buildings of all sizes. 

At HotEdge, our solutions are powered by using industrial-standard materials, including durable metal and commercial grade heat trace cable. The cable itself is self-regulating, which ensures that it transfers optimal heat even at high elevation. You don’t have to move mountains to use the system either. It’s as easy to operate as turning on a light bulb in your office. At the same time, it’s far more effective than manual commercial ice dam removal solutions.

Our HotEdge ice melt system has passed UL Standards, and remains the only roof edge panel system to have this distinction to its name. This makes it a reliable solution to have for your commercial structure.

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At HotEdge, we take great pride in our innovative solutions and their efficacy in complex applications such as commercial roofing. 

We can help your building benefit from commercial ice dam removal and prevention through our premium grade roof edge panels and customized solutions. By installing our solutions, you can make sure to quickly bid farewell to ice dams and icicles.

Remember that this is something that seems like an insignificant problem at first before it continues to compound and grow over time. Do your due diligence, take preventative action, and minimize hassles down the line.

Have any questions? Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and get a free quote for your roof. We will be glad to answer your inquiries and help you benefit from our next generation ice melt solutions cost-effectively.