Ice Dam Prevention in Connecticut

If you are looking for ice dam prevention in Connecticut, look no further. HotEdge is the only UL & BBB accredited ice prevention system. Ice dams are formed when heat from your home escapes through your roof, causing snow to melt and re-freeze as ice dams on the cold eaves and cost homeowners thousands of dollars each year in repairs. This ice blocks proper drainage and means that there is no place for the water to go, other than backing up into your shingles. From shingle and wall repair to floor and paint damage, ice dams are a nightmare in Connecticut.

Even with Connecticut’s relatively mild winters, the state’s residents often have to put up with the pesky problem of ice dams. These thick walls of ice form at the edge quite easily. But they can prove to be quite hard to break away. 

Permanent Ice Dam Prevention in CT

Ice dams usually form when the standing snow melts but doesn’t go down the gutter. Instead, this melted snow gets stopped by cold spots at the edge of your roof. From there, it turns into thick and solid ice dams. 

These ice dams then create many problems for your roof. Their wall-like formation stops the flow of additional snow, which can cause your roof to leak. They can be quite heavy, which can cause your roof to sink. Remember that their structure allows for meltwater to stand still, which causes a whole slew of problems for your roof and home. 

These ice dam problems often lead you to pay a world in repair costs. But even when you break away these ice dams and get repairs done repeatedly, these ice dam issues keep returning like an infinite loop.

At HotEdge, we make it easy to find ideal ice dam prevention in Connecticut. Our sturdy ice panel systems are made to last consistent usage. And their technological design is built to melt even the toughest of ice dams away.

With support for wood, asphalt, metal and slate roofs, our BBB accredited solutions are the perfect fit for ice dam prevention in Connecticut. To learn more about our system or get a free quote, feel free to contact us today.