How to Choose the Right Ice Melt System for Your Home’s Roof

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Ice dam removal is a critical activity for Denver, CO, homeowners. Snow on your roof can cause extensive and costly damage to your property. It can damage the roof and the structural integrity of your building, as well as cause personal injury. It is not an option to wait for natural heat to help melt these dams. It is critical to install an ice melt system. So, which ice-melting system is best for my home?

The best snowmelt system for your home is determined by the type of roof you have. Metal roofs, for example, will necessitate a different approach than wooden roof shingles. As a result, you must find a roof ice melt system that is specifically designed for your roof type.

How do I choose the right ice melt system for my metal roof?

A lot of icicles and snow accumulate on your roof after a winter storm billows around your house. As the snow melts, a layer of melting water forms between the snow and the roof, which is referred to as a snowpack.

Metal roofs automatically shed snow accumulations. When snow falls in large sheets, it can damage your roofing materials or cause serious damage to nearby properties or people.

Metal roof valleys are another common source of trouble. The blind valley is a feature found on the majority of metal roofs. Snowpacks collide and compress here, forming ice dams. In this case, a professional opinion and approach are required to effectively melt the snow and prevent snow melt water from forming ice packs on your metal roof.

Installing Snow Guards

Snow guards should be installed in any area that receives a lot of snow. Metal roof snow guards, also known as snow retention systems, are devices that are installed on a roof’s surface. These devices protect the integrity of your roof by allowing any ice or snow that accumulates on it to fall off slowly rather than suddenly, as in the case of a snow avalanche. Avalanches of snow are extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

A roof avalanche is a sudden release of snow and ice that can cause severe damage to your gutters, skylights, lower roof area, and any other people’s objects below your roof. Your home is vulnerable to snow avalanches if it lacks a roof guard. This snow retention system effectively transfers snow melt from your roof to the ground.

Because metal roofs have smooth surfaces with no traction, they are especially vulnerable to the unexpected sliding off of ice dams to the ground. Snow guards keep this from happening by allowing snow and ice to melt completely before dripping to the floor.

How they work

Snow guards are a low-cost, long-lasting, and visually appealing snow retention system for any asphalt, shingle, metal corrugated, or standing seam roof. These devices are easily attached to the roof using tape or liquid adhesive. Screws can also be used to mechanically attach them to the roof. These screws pierce the metal sheet and secure the wood decking beneath the roof. Another type of snow guard is one that attaches to the edge of a standing seam metal roof.

Types of Snow Guards on Metal Roof Systems

Metal roof snow guards come in a variety of materials, styles, and shapes. The most common include:

Pad-style snow guards

These snow guards have a wider-than-tall build to add friction to a frictionless surface.

Bar-style snow guards

A bar-style snow guard is one of the best snow guards for metal roofs, thanks to its streamlined, modern look designed to match your roof.

Continuous snow guards

This snow guard, also known as a snow fence, is made up of vertical tubes that act as a fence to keep snow from falling off the roof.

Install Accredited Metal Roof Ice Systems

This is yet another effective and energy-efficient method of preventing ice dams on metal roofs. While snow guards are effective at preventing ice dam formation, they may not be 100% effective every time it snows. If you need a long-term snow melt removal system, HotEdge’s UL-listed metal roof ice dam prevention solutions are ideal. HotEdge promotes prevention as the best ice dam removal method.

HotMetal PRO® accelerates the melting of snow, reducing the formation of icicles and ice dams. This ice melt system is simple to install and does not require any changes to the existing roof structure. Furthermore, because this device uses direct heat transfer, fewer heat trace cables are required to prevent icicle and ice dam formations on roof edges. Furthermore, less heat means lower energy costs.

Benefits of HotEdge ice melt systems

  • A practical design: Because it does not create a new angle or flat surface where ice can form, this ice melt system tends to release snow and ice better than most snow guards. Its pitch allows snow and ice to fall to the ground rather than accumulate on the roof.
  • Efficient: Our entire product line is based on direct heat transfer via a self-regulating heating cable. This means that with a single cover, it protects your home from water damage all year. For total protection against snow avalanches, we attach our patented ice melt system to the top of the metal roof.
  • Modern appearance: This system is designed to fit easily around your existing gutters and downspouts. Installation is quick, taking less than a day. Our experts will come to your home and complete all installation work.

Ready to protect your home from ice dams with the industry’s best ice dam prevention?

HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System offers the market’s most efficient and cost-effective snow melt systems. Our heat boards are made with the most durable, high-quality, self-regulating heating cables available. They are safe and consume little energy, preventing icicles, ice dams, and snow accumulation. You won’t notice them because of their low-profile appearance, but their effects will be noticeable.

Contact us today at (303) 578-4987 for an in-depth, zero-pressure consultation with our qualified technicians. Feel free to request a free cost estimate by filling out this form.


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