How Much Does Ice Dam Removal Cost?

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Before we dive into it….ice dam removal costs a lot more than prevention!  


One of the best times of the year, the cozy romance of the winter season. Coming after autumn, many cultures around the world appreciate this cold season. For example, people in many parts of the world use the ice around them for participating in many activities such as making snowmen, ice sculpture contests, ice skating on a beautiful lake. Some even use it to participate in sports such as hockey.


However, snow isn’t helpful in all situations. During the winter, snow often transforms into ice and accumulates on the edges of your roof. If you leave these ice dams to form on your roof edges continually, it can lead to problematic ice dams. As such, you need to take care of this problem BEFORE it becomes a destructive problem.  Most turn to the help of an ice dam removal service.  


Of course, the next question becomes, how much does an ice dam removal service cost?


At HotEdge, we know that the ice dam removal costs depend on several distinct but equally contributing factors.


Following, please find more information about ice dam removal and services available, etc. You can also learn more about ice dam prevention systems like HotEdge as well!


Ice Dam Removal Services


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Presently, there is a myriad of ice dam removal services scattered throughout the United States in freeze and thaw regions to choose from. The downside of a roof ice removal service is that you are relying on manual labor using sharp tools. Unfortunately, as much as there are many legitimate ice dam removal services, there are just as many inexperienced ones. These fraudulent ice dam removal services may offer a lower ice dam removal at a massive discount.


When you investigate which company might be best for you,  you may quickly realize that they don’t offer a quality service. Unfortunately, many people (often out of desperation!) continue to fall for the immediate band-aid which can be the lowest quality service, provider. A decision that comes with regret. Ultimately, these “professionals” will not only fail to do the right thing but can also damage your roof. This would mean that you would have to spend a lot more on repairs than originally intended.   


Also, even reputable ice dam removal services present various issues. If you look closely at the ice dam removal cost they present, you would realize that they may have hidden fees and it is important to compare these costs when considering a panel system for your structure because if you are using these services, your return on investment could be as quick as one year. Remember that there are a few things you have to consider to choose an ideal ice dam removal service.


What Determines Ice Dam Removal Cost?


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As much as you would like to believe otherwise, ice dam removal costs are not straightforward. Remember that ice dam removal cost depends on various factors, which are:

The Severity of the Ice Dam Situation 


This is arguably the most significant factor that influences the ice dam removal cost. Naturally, the amount of ice on your roof and environment depends on several factors. Some of these include your geographical location, the size of your house, and the steepness of your roof. For example, a mansion in a snowy place like Canada will tend to accumulate far more expensive costs when compared to a small place in a lower snow load region. 

The Equipment They Use


As mentioned earlier, an easy way to spot unprofessional ice dam removal services is by surveying the type of equipment they use. That said, the equipment that the ice dam removal service uses will significantly influence the price of the ice dam removal.

Utility Costs


When ice dam removal services are trying to estimate their prices, a significant influence is the price of utilities. Some of these utilities include the price of fuel and the cost of maintaining their equipment. Something important to remember is that the more ice dams they have to remove, the more inputs their machines require. 


Now, with the rise of input costs, these prices may be subject to even more of an increase than before.

The Overall Distance


Travel distance to the project site is something that you have to consider with any service generally. The distance of your home would greatly influence the cost you incur at the end of the service. For ice dam removal services, they constantly have to factor transport into their final pricing/quote.

Time of Response


During the winter, these removal services are always occupied with orders. Frankly, a lot of people care about the welfare of their roof and their environment. If you want the ice dam removal service to respond to your order promptly, then you may have to pay extra fees for expedited service.

How Much Does An Ice Dam Removal Service Cost?


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As you can see, an ice dam removal service depends mainly on the five factors mentioned above. Generally, these services range from $400-$700 an hour for a standard service. For a specialized service, it may cost more.


Ice dams are incredibly harmful to your roof and surroundings in the long run. It can make your roof crack or open up, allowing water to seep through. In the end, you would end up spending more on repairs than you bargained for.  As a final note of warning, make sure you check the ice dam removal service’s legitimacy and transparency before you patronize.  Referrals are often a good way to learn about a service company.  


We at HotEdge provide a preventative option! We understand the total cost of ice dam mitigation by manufacturing and marketing a cost-effective system that prevents ice dams from developing in the first place.   This eliminates all the ongoing costs related to identifying and hiring ice removal services year after year and the damage to your roof from sharp tools, etc.  In addition, at HotEdge we have developed a mobile app so that you can take control of when you use your system so that you can control your energy costs.  


Reach out to us at HotEdge today if you have any more questions or concerns about ice dams and the types of solutions we use to ensure that your home remains free of short-term or long-term ice-related damage.


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