HotDrip product is designed to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming at the edge of “A-Style” metal roof edges utilizing a commercial-grade 12W self-regulating UL-approved for roof and gutter deicing heat cable. Many metal roof edges to not have a metal lip/drip edge and use a 90 degree edge. This “A-Style” is used in the rakes of gable roof ends to achieve a neat even finish designed to simply cover and protect exposed wood sheeting edges from moisture deterioration. This flush mounted roof edge is just flashing with a 90 degree bend and with a small offset hem at the bottom which prevents snow-melt from running down the fascia board. For simple installation, HotDrip slips between a small horizontal gap between the bottom edge of the metal roofing material and the top surface of the cap. It is important to confirm that this horizontal gap exists and to understand how the roofing material is secured, i.e. the space available to slide HotDrip into the horizontal gap.