Benefits of Snow and Ice Guards for Metal Roofs

Snow is always a welcome sight during the winter season. You can read the morning newspaper while sipping your coffee and watching the snow fall outside. Snow and ice, on the other hand, can cause significant, costly, and potentially hazardous damage to your property. Snow and ice accumulation on your metal roof can damage it, cause personal injury, and have an impact on the foundation and structure of your property.

Installing metal roof snow guards is the most effective way to avoid these potentially costly and dangerous snow piles.

Snow and Ice Guards: What are they?

During the winter season, a storm can dump a lot of snow on your metal roof. After the snow melts, a layer of water forms between the snow pile and the roof. This can cause the snow to suddenly thaw and slide down the metal roof in massive sheets. These falling sheets of snow and ice can cause damage to your metal roof, serious personal injury, and property damage.

Snow guards are rooftop devices that you can install on your roof to distribute and catch the snow and ice that has accumulated. Installing snow guards on your metal roof allows the layers of ice and snow to melt slowly instead of sliding off in large chunks. Snow guards are especially useful on metal roof systems due to their low resistance. Metal creates little friction, preventing ice dams and snow from sliding off the roof surface.

Snow Guards 101

Snow guards come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Snow cleats, discontinuous snow guards, and pad-style snow guards are the most common types. They can be made up of multiple or single parts that lack a continuous cross-member.

Continuous snow guards, on the other hand, are composed of two components: seam clamps and brackets. They are connected to the cross-members, which anchor them and prevent a roof avalanche. A continuous snow guard is an example of a bar-style snow guard.

Types of Snow Guards

The different types of snow guards include:

  • Snow Bar Snow Guards – These are bar-style snow guards with a continuous horizontal metal bar that spans the entire metal roof, creating an ice and snow barrier.
  • PadStyle Snow Guards –These are small stainless steel or plastic devices that are installed in several rows across the metal roof. They are not continuous and are mechanically or adhesively installed.
  • Snow Fence Snow Guards –These snow guards use vertical tubes that act as a fence to keep snow from sliding down the roof.

Advantages of Installing Snow and Ice Guards on Your Metal Roof

Snow and ice guards are clearly useful devices for your home. But why should you consider installing them on your metal roof this winter? Here are a few examples.

For Safety and Protection

One of the primary reasons for installing snow and ice guards on metal roofs is to provide protection and safety to people entering or passing through your property. Although fatal rooftop avalanches are uncommon, they do occur. In 2018, for example, a mother and her son were killed at a ski resort near Lake Tahoe after being buried by a  rooftop avalanche.

If you live in the Denver, CO area prone to massive snowstorms, you should install high-quality metal roof snow stoppers and metal roof ice breakers. This is the most effective method of preventing snow and ice slide disasters. Furthermore, constantly inspecting and cleaning your metal roof can be time-consuming and ineffective. Rather than leaving things to chance, we recommend that you install our HotEdge world-class snow guards right away.

For Protecting your Roof

The best way to protect your metal roof is to install metal roof snow bars. These snow and ice guards can keep your metal roof from being crushed by snow that has accumulated on top of it for an extended period of time. Furthermore, piled-up snow can cause ripped gutters, broken windows, flattened seams, buckled panels, erosion, torn-away siding, and other problems. These problems can be disastrous for any commercial or residential property. However, installing snow guards is the best way to protect your metal roof.

Limiting Liability

By installing snow guards on your metal roof, you can reduce your liability. They are especially useful for businesses that see a high volume of traffic during the winter season. Snow guards effectively limit liability because they limit the amount of snow that falls from your metal roof at any given time. Rather than constantly worrying about passers-by and customers being injured by falling ice or snow sheets, install snow guards to limit your liability.

Protecting Your Property and Landscaping

Installing snow and ice guards on your metal roof protects not only people but also your property and landscaping. These can include equipment, cars, and other items that could be damaged in the event of a rooftop avalanche. Furthermore, your landscaping is a significant investment that avalanches can easily destroy. As a result, you should install high-quality snow guards to protect your equipment, vehicles, landscaping, and other assets from rooftop avalanches.

Reducing your Maintenance Costs

Installing roofing snow guards on your metal roof is also a great way to save money on maintenance. This is due to the fact that these guards protect your metal roof in general. While your roof can withstand normal wear and tear, raging snowstorms can destroy its integrity. Your roof could sustain significant damage, necessitating costly repairs. Installing HotEdge snow and ice guards helps to keep these costs to a minimum.

Get Top-Quality Snow Guard Products in Denver, CO

If you’re looking for high-quality snow and ice guards in Denver, CO, and the surrounding neighborhoods, you’ve come to the right place. HotEdge provides unrivaled solutions for preventing ice dams. Our cutting-edge solution employs a variety of high-quality snow and ice guards to protect your property and passersby.

So, rather than installing subpar snow guards on your residential or commercial metal roof, contact us for top-tier snow and ice guards. You can rely on us because we are the world’s leading manufacturer of accredited metal roof ice melt systems.

Visit HotEdge in Denver, CO for more information on snow and ice guards for metal roofs. You can also get a free estimate by calling (877) 220-5066 today.


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