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6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

A home ready for fall thanks to your efforts to prepare your roof for fall.

Fall can challenge the integrity of your roof even more than winter does. This is because of the frequent and often powerful rainstorms the season brings. Snow can be cleared off your roof before it has a chance to melt, but there is no such luck when it comes to rain! And water is insidious with how easily it can find any fault points in your roof and turn them into leaks. So, let’s take a look at six ways to prepare your roof for fall.

Have a professional inspection

It is always wise to have a professional take a look at your roof at least once a year. And the perfect time to do this would be when preparing your roof for fall. This is necessary because it is difficult to develop the same skill level at spotting roofing troubles that a professional has. They can even mark down trouble spots that have the potential to become something worse in the future and allow you to handle them pre-emptively. This would save you a ton of money on repairs since such small jobs are cheaper, as well as protect any items you are keeping in your attic from getting ruined by leaks. Of course, you should do some research on roofing inspections. That way, you will both be familiar with the questions to ask your roof inspector and able to do casual checks yourself!

Perform necessary repairs

Naturally, if the inspection picks up something, you need to have it sorted out quickly. Rain tends to find its way through the tiniest cracks, which is why leaks are so difficult to detect without training or rain. Hopefully, the area you live in will be warm enough to make the repairs proceed as smoothly as possible. If you are experiencing bad weather, you will have to hurry with the repairs and find a way to protect your attic belongings. Thankfully, cutting costs on storage rental is possible since there are ways to save on this. So, even if you need to move your stuff out of the attic for a while, you should be able to find a place to keep them. Remember that unless repairs required are minor and straightforward, it is always best to have actual professionals perform them.

Trying to prepare your roof for fall through repairs.
Any roof repair or renovation is best left to professionals.

Put in the effort to trim your trees

Even though trimming the trees in your yard is not directly related to your roof, it is definitely one of the ways to prepare your roof for fall. Trees can present a real threat to the safety and integrity of your roof if they are too close to your home. Especially if you experience strong winds in your area during fall or winter. The whipping of branches makes them scratch and crack into your roof. Which, of course, can cause a ton of damage. You do not want to have to contemplate roof repair vs. roof replacement just because you neglected to take care of your trees. Not to mention that it can damage your roof beyond repair, and you would need to replace it entirely. Of course, you only need to trim the branches close to your home. There is no need to cut all of them.

A home with trees in the yard.
A home surrounded by trees may seem idyllic, but it is dangerous for your roof.

Prepare your roof’s gutters

Gutters are crucial for your roof and home. Therefore, they must be kept in the best possible condition when rain and snow come. There are, of course, two parts to maintaining your gutters. First, you need to inspect it properly for damage. Your roof inspection will likely cover this. But even if it doesn’t, it is a much easier job than inspecting a roof. Just be on the lookout for dents, scratches, and loose connections. If your gutters are threatening to detach, then that requires immediate action. Just as important is cleaning out your gutters. They tend to get partially clogged by leaves and debris. And it is even possible for infestations to develop inside them if not cleaned regularly! All these would make it much harder for your gutters to adequately protect your home from all the rainfall.

Working gutters.
Gutters need to be clean to do their job properly.

Clean your roof thoroughly

For what is ostensibly a very sturdy construction, it is surprisingly easy for a roof to get damaged. If there is already debris and litter on it before storms even start, then the chances of this happening shoot up considerably. To this end, you want to ensure that your roof is spotless well before fall comes around. Now, your roof will likely require cleaning after or even during fall too. Even more, if you do have trees shedding leaves in your yard. However, as the experts from like to say, you should always do your best to minimize the chances of accidents. Cleaning your roof is not exactly difficult. And if you have a power washer, you can do it even more efficiently. Just make absolutely sure to remain safe the entire time and always prioritize safety over speed.

Double check flashing and re-apply caulking

The final way to prepare your roof for fall is to check your roof flashing and re-apply caulking where necessary. Both flashing and caulking perform a similar role. They are meant to cover the connection and seams of the various parts of your roof. They are there to prevent water from slipping through the seams. Now, your roof inspection should reveal any problems with flashing and spots which require a new layer of caulk. However, it is always best to double-check things just before you know the rainy season will officially start. If you are not sure that you can do this job well on your own, then it is best to hire roofing experts to help you out once again.

Final Word

Being familiar with the six ways to prepare your roof for fall, you should be able to ensure your home will weather the season without issue easily. Just remember to be extra careful whenever doing any work on your roof. Being so high up means that any fall is extra dangerous!


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