5 Common Ice Dam Mistakes and How to Fix Them in Denver, CO

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In an area as cold as Denver CO, ice dams can be the bane of your existence. Once these irritating walls of ice form along the edge of your roof, they can cause a world of problems. When not resolved in time, they can lead to massive repairs and restorations that cost a small fortune right off the bat. 

Due to these reasons, as soon as you see ice dams forming on your roof, your immediate thought is to eliminate them by any means. But even as this urgency motivates you to take quick action, it may often lead to poor execution. This may leave you with some unnecessary consequences that could be avoided with a different approach.

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We understand just how destructive ice dams and icicle formations can be to your roof and property and we are here to help.

To help you stay away from these problems, here are 5 common ice dam mistakes and how to fix them effectively.

Mistake #1: You Use Manual Force

Removing ice dams with the help of good old ice picks may seem like a good idea. But even when you are using controlled strength, the presence of manual force can harm your roofing. This process not only leaves behind visual damage but also paves the way to a plethora of functional problems. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the visual harm may include but is not limited to scratches and dents in your roofing material. From a functional perspective, this approach may lead to broken or cracked roofing. In some cases, this damage may also extend to other elements such as your gutter system or fascia. 


To remove ice dams, try to steer clear of using manual force by yourself. Whenever possible, use a solution such as an ice melt system or high-quality heat cables. But if you have not yet installed these fixtures, get a professional roofing solutions provider to remove the ice dams for you. Remember that ice dam problems can be quite stressful and having an ice dam removal professional will certainly help out quite a bit.

Mistake #2: You Think Salt Will Do the Work

Many swear by the effects that simple rock salt has on ice dams. But even though salt can sometimes deliver results, that is not always the case. Even when the tip provides some benefits, it comes with a few shortcomings such as visible stains on your roof or damage to your gutter system. 

It’s because rock salt can be corrosive to your roofing as well as its surrounding materials. When the ice dam does melt, it goes through your gutter system. Once again, salt’s corrosive properties can cause significant damage to the gutter’s material. It can also hurt your lawn’s soil when the water ends up traveling through the downspout.

The solution to Prevent Ice Dams

Some homeowners often use calcium chloride instead of rock salt. However, it can still be quite corrosive to roofing materials with excessive use. With this in mind, either make it a point to use an ice melt system or enlist the services of a roofing services provider. 

The right roofing services provider will understand snow and ice problems and will seek to address ice dam problems as quickly as possible.

Mistake #3: You Suppose Removing Them Once is Enough

When you remove ice dams with the help of a roofing services provider, they can carefully hack at these small walls of ice to break them off your roof. But despite the use of industrial equipment and careful execution, this only stands as a temporary solution.

With the rate at which ice dams can form on your roof, they don’t take much time to crop up at the next snowfall during the same winter. In turn, you may end up covering for repetitive costs with a redundant solution. While it can keep your roof clear of ice dams, it can leave a dent in your wallet.


To make sure that you are not breaking the bank in terms of getting rid of ice dams, look into more permanent solutions that can last more than a day. This is where heat cables and ice melt systems come in. By choosing one of these solutions, you can bid farewell to ice dams permanently.

Mistake #4: You Overdo It on Insulation

Ice dams can often form due to poor insulation under your roof. It’s because inadequate insulation leads to warm spots at the outer edge of your roof. When snow slides down your roof, these spots act as a trigger point for it to turn into ice. This essentially leads you to the problem of ice dams. 

This may cause you to think if insulation is the only factor behind your ice dam problem. In turn, you may tend to overdo it on insulation installation even when your roof has received proper heat loss prevention. This only causes you to spend your money for little to no benefits. 


While checking for insulation shortcomings and investing in resolving them is a good approach, it should not be your only resolution. You should also look into installing other solutions such as roof flashing

 or heat cables that could work along with your insulation and keep ice dams at bay. 

Mistake #5: You Install Low-Quality Heat Cables

After seeing heat cables being mentioned as a viable solution here a few times, you might be interested in making them a part of your roofing structure. If you have been battling the occurrence of ice dams for a while, you may have some first-hand experience with using heat cables as well. 

But the key is not to install just any heat cables you can get your hands on. When you get unreliable or low-quality solutions, they can lack the desired performance in challenging or colder conditions. This makes you spend your funds for little to no benefits. 

Preventing Ice Dams and Our Ice Dam Removal Solution

When buying heat cables or ice melt systems, you should always select a provider whose solutions are known for their credibility, performance, and strength. By looking at company history, customer reviews, and side-by-side comparison, you can easily find a local provider with efficacious ice melt solutions. 

Being mindful of these common mistakes and their respective resolutions helps you stay away from the frustrating problems of ice dams for good. In turn, you can enjoy the winter season without seeing ice dams crop up now and then.

If you are looking for help with your ice dam removal, notice snow on the roof, and need help with soffit vents, a warm roof, insulation, gutters, shingles, and more, reach out to us at HotEdge today.

HotEdge® provides solutions that prevent ice dams and icicles from forming. Using a combination of different products, we’re able to cost-effectively prevent snow meltwater from re-freezing on your roof to ensure ice dams and icicles do not have the opportunity to develop.

If you have snow on the roof and need ice dam removal help, work with the ice dam experts at HotEdge today. Our team has experience in implementing the right ice dam removal solutions for your roof.


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