• This photo shows the liability risks of icicles hanging off the edge of a commercial building in high snow load country.
  • Solution: HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System makes it virtually impossible for icicles to develop on a warm roof edge.
  • The HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System is a direct transfer of heat from a commercial grade self-regulating heat cable to any roof edge.
  • The right combination of freeze/thaw cycles can create massive and dangerous icicles!
  • Most of this roof structure does not even have snowpack, however, between mother nature and heat loss from the structure large icicles are possible.
  • These are large enough that they would destroy a gutter system if it existed and it poses a safety and property risks to anything below.
  • This individual just installed a brand new commercial gutter. As you can see, icicles can still easily form.