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Ice Melt Systems for Roofs

roof ice dam damage

In many parts of the United States and Canada, the winter months bring with them rigid temperatures, snow, and ice for long periods at a time. Individuals who live in these areas understand how important it is to stay warm, and they are also well-aware of the possible threats that cold temperatures and ice can bring with them to the items left outside. 

Your home, especially your roof, must withstand the brunt of all types of weather, including the cold, ice, and snow. The effects of the ice and snow on a roof can be destructive and cause serious problems that will need to be repaired. These repairs (or possible replacement) can be very expensive, so it is integral that you protect your roof and all of the people and items that it protects within your home. The best way to protect the roof from the harmful effects of ice and snow is a professionally installed ice melt system.

If you live in a location that receives inclement weather during the cold winter months, it is important to consider investing in this kind of system from HotEdge. We offer true UL-listed ice melt systems that are safe, have UL listed certification, and pass the UL standards to make sure that your roof is thoroughly protected from the harsh effects of ice and snow.

What Are Ice Melt Systems?


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During the coldest winter months when the snow accumulates on your roof and icicles begin to form on the eaves and gutters, these formations can cause damage to your home. Ice dams can clog your gutters and icicles or other heavy ice formations may cause exterior and/or interior damage to your home and toxic mold may develop. If the ice formations break off and fall from the eaves, they can severely damage anything they land on, including people. A giant ice formation can certainly injure or kill those who happen to be unlucky enough to be standing underneath them.


They provide a safe, reliable, effective, and energy-efficient way to eliminate ice dams and icicles from your roof. They heat the proper areas of the roof’s edge, rather than the whole roof, to prevent the buildup of snow and ice on the eaves and gutters. If you live in a place with seriously inclement weather during the winter months and want a way to eliminate the threat of ice buildup on your eaves, an ice melt system is safe and effective.


How Do Ice Melt Systems Work?


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To prevent ice dams from forming and having to deal with the damage that they can cause to your roof and the interior of your home, an ice melt system from HotEdge is the way to go. They work using a single heat trace cable attached to the edges of your roof. The heat which runs through this cable sufficiently heats the roof in its most vulnerable places to prevent any ice from building up and forming into the dreaded and dangerous ice dams. 


These systems from HotEdge are energy efficient and use up to 70% less heat than other types of ice melt systems. You will no longer have to worry about ludicrously high electricity bills from other systems, and the concern about the dangers and destructiveness of ice dams will be eliminated from your life. The best part is that these systems from HotEdge are so easy to install that you can rely on your local handyman or trusted electrician to install them.


Whether you have a brand new roof or an older one, the HotEdge ice melt system can be easily installed so that you can stop worrying when you see snow beginning to fall. Rather than stress over higher utility bills and the possible concerns about the damage on your roof from ice dams, you and your family can enjoy the beauty of the snow and stay warm and safe in your home.

Are They Best for Roofs?


roof ice dam problems


Whenever you can prevent damage to your roof – the part of your home that must withstand all types of weather, including snow and ice, to keep you and your family safe and secure – it is always a good idea. The difficult part can be finding the right protection for your roof that really works and won’t ridiculously increase your utility bills. The ice melt systems from HotEdge will prevent the buildup of the ice dams and dangerous icicles on your eaves and gutters, and these systems are also the most energy-efficient ones out there. 


Additionally, HotEdge is the first and only company to complete the rigorous process necessary to test and certify an entire roof edge ice melt system to achieve the UL Certificate of Compliance. Other companies may have parts of their systems or accessories from their suppliers that are UL certified, but their whole system is not certified. Even when some of the parts are certified, they often lose that certification when put into the full ice melt system.

Only our ice melt systems from HotEdge are fully tested and certified in the UL laboratories. With this certification, you can rest assured that our ice melt system is safe and effective for your roof during the toughest, coldest parts of the winter.


Contact Our Roof Ice Melt Specialists


If you live in a location that is hit hard by the cold, snow, and ice during the winter months, it is important to consider investing in an ice melt system from HotEdge. We have the UL certification necessary to ensure that your roof will be secured from ice dams and the interior of your home will not be impacted by the buildup of ice on the roof. 


Rather than worry about dangerous ice dams on the edges of your roof which can also lead to structural damage inside of your home or toxic mold, installing an ice melt system from HotEdge will provide you the security you need to live comfortably in your home during the winter months.


Contact HotEdge for more information about all of our roof ice melt systems and how they can be an effective and safe solution for the buildup of ice on your roof before winter brings its roughest weather.


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