Ice Dam Prevention vs. Roof Repair

Ice dam prevention is the best plan of attack when it comes to facing roof ice problems that are inevitable in the winter months. As a homeowner, you may be wondering about the cost benefit analysis of ice dam prevention vs. roof repair. Here are the numbers:

There are several different methods of ice dam prevention that vary in cost, effectiveness and convenience to the customer.

Some owners opt to start with using caulk to seal air leaks. This DIY process helps to prevent warm air from escaping the roof, which leads to ice dams melting. A tube of caulks costs roughly $5. However, caulking only works if your attic is both insulated and ventilated well. And you may have a hard time identifying the source of the air leaks. Another DIY ice dam prevention technique, snow rakes cost $75. This labor-intensive ice dam prevention method does require you to climb up out on your roof in cold and icy conditions.

Integrated heating and ice melting panels are by far the most effective way to prevent ice dams. These systems can vary in price depending on how much electricity they use. The HotEdge Roof Ice Melt system cuts down on cost by not only being green, but also by covering a greater amount of roof surface area with fewer cables. On average, ice melting panels cost $20 per foot of roofing covered.

Homeowners spend an average of $700 to repair minimal damage to a small roof. However, if the ice dam leakage and damage has penetrated deeper than just the roof, the costs can quickly mount into thousands of dollars worth of damage. Once the walls and structural integrity of your home have been compromised, the repair costs will soar. Also important to keep in mind is the kind of roofing material being used. For example, the cost to install a full slate roof can easily total upwards of $40,000.

Insurance companies pay millions of dollars to homeowners each year because to fix the roof ice problems caused by ice dams. Don’t let roof ice problems and the damage they cause wreak havoc on your budget. Invest in an ice dam prevention system and your home and your wallet will thank you.

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