Prevent Ice Dam Problems The Best Way!

Prevent Ice Dams Problems

Fresh, white snow may be nice to look at and great fun for the kids; but when it comes to your property, it can be a nightmare. Ice dam problems plague homeowners in the snowy regions of the country all year round, causing severe damage to roof shingles, as well as extensive damage to ceilings, walls and floors in your home. This damage can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs every year.


If this sounds like you, don’t worry; there is now a solution to all of your ice dam problems. As the leading manufacturer of accredited roof ice melt systems, HotEdge has created an innovative ice dam prevention solution that will not only banish ice dams forever, but it will also keep your bills down and not cause damage to your roof.


Are you interested in what makes HotEdge Systems so great? Read on to find out why HotEdge Systems is the best way to remove and prevent ice dam problems.

Permanent Ice Dam Prevention

There are a lot of supposed ice dam removal solutions on the market; from roof rakes and calcium chloride melting products to high-pressure steam machines and professional removal companies. But, they all have one thing in common; they are only a temporary solution to your ice dam problems. Sure, the ice dam on your roof is gone, but it may have already caused damage to your property. Not to mention, you will also have to use this method over and over again after every snowfall; who wants to do that? It is only a waste of your time and money. With HotEdge Systems, you can avoid the quick fixes and opt for the permanent solution to your ice dam problems by combating the problem before it happens.

More Melting Heat

HotEdge Systems uses a patented design to combat ice dams, which you will not find on other options available on the market. This system only requires one heat trace cable, which allows for maximum capture of heat and to extend heat transfer along the surface. This means that HotEdge Systems offer you more surface heat using less cables to melt away ice dams. This prevents ice dams causing damage by melting away the snow as it runs down your roof, promoting proper drainage. What’s more, since it is more effective with less heating cables, it will also keep your electrical bills down too. Everybody’s a winner!

Quick and Easy Installation

Let’s face it; sometimes installing new systems or getting professionals in can be a hassle. But, this is not the case with HotEdge systems, as they are easy and simple to install. You no longer have to wait until ice dams have done their damage; an electrician or general contractor can easily install these systems before the snow falls and prevent them from forming in the first place.

Cost Effective

Temporary solutions for your ice dam problems are not valuable for money. Sure, they make remove the ice dam, but the damage can already be done, as well as the cost re-occurring as soon as you have another snowstorm. What makes HotEdge Systems so great is that it is cost effective to run and energy efficient. Often low cost heat trace cables will actually cost a fortune in electrical bills, as they use 50 per cent more heating cables than a modern HotEdge System. This means that you can save an amazing 30 per cent on your electrical bills compared with other options on the market. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance and repairs. How great is that?


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