Maintaining HotEdge Systems

If you own a HotEdge Roof System, you are a savvy consumer who cares about taking care of your home and your loved ones. Our HotEdge Roof Systems are a cost-effective way for you to get the longest life from your roof decking material. Our simple design is the most energy-efficient roof melt system on […]

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Ice Dam Prevention Equipment from HotEdge

If you are in the market for a solution to remove and prevent ice dam dam problems caused by roof ice and snow buildup during the winter months, look no further than HotEdge. Our ice dam removal systems are designed to be easily installed on all roof types, and can not only remove existing ice […]

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Ice Dam Prevention Solutions: There is Only One

When you live in a climate that is prone to extreme winter weather conditions, snow and ice is a way of life. Unfortunately, the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof of your home can lead to roof ice problems such as ice damming, which can cause significant structural damage to the exterior and […]

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